• Workshop – Why you are not ready to be an engineer, and what is in your power to change

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    March 19, 2013 @ 8:15 pm – 9:30 pm

    [EV 2.260] Tuesday 19 (4:15pm – 5:30pm)

    Engineering is everywhere. When you look around you, most of what you see has been thought about, designed and optimized by an engineer. Yet, very few people actually understand what engineers do and this includes engineers themselves!

    Engineering is about using science and technology to create solutions for human needs. Yet, the best solution is not always the one that people choose. Also, in the fast paced inter-connected world we are living in, engineers have to be able to quickly adapt to the changing human needs and realities. This implies that we need to first be able to understand well these needs and realities.

    What is engineering besides all the different scientific theories and calculations that we learn at school? What are the bottlenecks to solving the world’s major challenges? How can you, as a future engineer, actually get your best solutions to be the winning ones?

    This workshop is about all these questions and especially about what you can do to be more prepared to join the profession and how can you become not just one of the many but a great engineer.

    Engineering is not about what you know but about how you think.

    Guestspeaker: Victoria Lakiza

    Before completing her studies in mechanical engineering with a specialization in international projects at Polytechnique Montreal, Victoria Lakiza has cumulated a much diversified experience in project and people management as well as international and human development. Thanks to her extended experience in strategy and organizational development, she is currently involved in engineering projects coordination, organizational change management as well as strategy and process development in a unique extremely fast growing engineering consulting company.

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