Jr. Fellowship

What is Junior Fellowship?

The Junior Fellowship program is a program designed to help young people become leaders. The Fellowship begins with 6 months of preparation in Canada in an advanced and immersive learning environment. This is followed by four months of individually leading change in Africa with on of the EWB Ventures. For eight months after this the Fellows continue their work with leadership in Canada, bringing their learning and experience back home. Junior Fellows are chosen based on a commitment to excellence, to building a more equal and sustainable world, and taking on a leadership role in their EWB chapter and Canada upon their return. This is an opportunity to gain knowledge, perspective, and understanding needed to better define your world, and how you want to change it.


How to get involved?

Applications are now out. This is your opportunity to get involved and gain some experience abroad. Apply now for the EWB Junior Fellowship Program. Fill out the form and polish your resume, as the new Junior Fellow will be picked by the end of November. The deadline to apply is November 15th.


Who can apply?

The EWB Junior Fellowship is exclusively available to students who are returning to school in the fall of next year of a full year of graduate or undergraduate study. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency status in Canada.


What does it cost?

All costs are covered by EWB Concordia